Recent News

  • 10-15-2021: We have a virtual poster for the upcoming NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting meeting, details here. If you are interested in the meeting, register here.
  • 10-13-2021: Our paper is accepted at Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. This paper quantified the community reorganization through the three life-stages of trees including adults, fecundity, and seedling recruitments.
  • 10-05-2021: We have a poster accepted for AGU Fall meeting this year, stay tuned!
  • 08-16-2021: Our paper is accepted at PNAS. This paper determines whether fecundty declines as tree grows larger and older. It provided the first reproduction-related evidence on phsiological decline in large and old trees.
  • 08-03-2021: There are two talks at ESA annual meeting this year. One on species seed production and another one on masting syndrome. The paper for the first talk is now under review (listed here). The second one is current in preparation with results available upon request
  • 07-16-2021: I am back from field work at Bartlett Experimental Forest and Harvard Forest. We collected data from seed traps, camera, and crop counts. The data will be included for biodiversity modeling and tree fecundity analysis.